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Combining your design ideas with uncompromising quality and certified performance, thinkBright Homes are built to last.

Quality Home by thinkBright - Invermere to Panorama BC

Our commitment to you is simple: no matter what project we undertake with you, from a small or large renovation, to your first family home or retirement home, we deliver:

  • Construction quality that raises the bar.
  • Cost savings through superior energy efficiency for the lifetime of your home.
  • Transparent project and financial management.
  • Commitment to environmental quality and protection.
  • Forward thinking design and accessibility for all life stages.

At thinkBright Homes we believe that everybody should, and can, live in a well built, energy efficient, non-toxic home. Over 20 years we have developed a proven and certified approach to superior building for every client, without a punch in the pocket-book.

What are you looking for in a home?

New home for sale - Invermere, BC

A Family Home

Ready to build the right home for your family, but looking for energy efficiency on a starter home budget? We combine budget conscious with environmentally conscious in every home we build.

A Forever Home

Ready for the home that meets your aesthetic preferences, your long-term accessibility needs, and your budget? Combining your design ideas with uncompromising quality and certified performance, thinkBright Homes are made to last a lifetime (and your kids’, and their kids’ and their kids’ lifetimes, too!)

Green building is much more than a certification stamp – it is about the construction of buildings that tread lightly on the planet, while delivering superior comfort and efficiency for the people who inhabit them. We build with you, and your great-great-great grandchildren in mind, so that you can get on with the business of living.

But what about cost? In some ways, that is up to you, of course. What kind of finishes do you want in your home? How big will it be? We can meet your basic or high-end budget and design requirements.

As for the rest of your building, leave that to us. The BC Building code is not enough. thinkBright Homes are guaranteed to meet a superior building performance standard, be it Energy Star, Net Zero-Energy, Net Zero Ready, Passive House, or the BC Energy Step Code. We audit every home we build and provide you with third-party certification proving that yours will tread lightly on the planet, and on your pocket-book for years to come.

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